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Shop Floor Data

From MRP to quality control, from co-bots to IoT, manufacturing increasingly relies on integrating, analyzing, and communicating data — from both people and machines.

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Customer Data

To survive and thrive in the 4th Industrial Revolution, manufacturers must make a shift: from product-centric to customer-centric. A new B2B2C model is emerging.

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Supply Chain Data

Supply chain insight offers a companies critical edge. Predictive and prescriptive analytics can help you understand, plan, and compete — up and down the chain.

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Since 1993

Data and Analytics for Manufacturers

Data in Depth explores the world of advanced analytics, business intelligence, and machine learning within the context of the manufacturing industry.

In each episode, we talk with industry leaders and analytics experts to help manufacturers gain a 360-degree view of the shop floor, their customers, and their supply chain.

We dig into the concepts of descriptive, prescriptive, and predictive analytics to help solve modern manufacturing problems. From MRP to quality control, from field service to customer experience, our conversations are designed to spur innovative, data-driven thinking for those working to build the factories of the future.



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